About Us  

The Void
What has happened to news? It seems that big news media is no longer concerned with real people and real issues. They no longer publish information that matters to you and me. Perhaps it is because they don't want to put in the hard work good investigative journalism requires.

Communiqué is an old-fashioned news organization that was created to fill the "niche". We get the neighborhood stories that affect the working man, his wife, and his children. We believe that both sides of the story should be published, and that the truth should be told, no matter who we upset. To that end, we put in the sweat necesssary to publish news that is backed with hard evidence, instead of propaganda and "expert" opinions. We provide our readers with news that mainstream media picks up months after we do all the hard research.

The Vision
Publishing life-impacting news isn't all we do. Communiqué has a three-fold purpose:

Communiqué's primary goal is to be the "town crier" of the 21st century. We recognize that people like you- those who are directly involved with daily events and discoveries- have news that is more life-impacting than that put out over the wire. Therefore you are our source for news.

We receive hundreds of emails daily. We analyze and research each one, then publish only those stories that are backed by solid evidence. No propaganda, no frivolous rank, no superficial coverage. If the facts check out, we publish them and let the chips fall where they may.

Realizing that merely reading the news won't change anything, we have provided the tools you need to take appropriate action. Not only does our forum allow you to safely publish information that you can't bring into the open through any other means, but we also provide:

  • Contact information, email links, bulk email and fax messaging to your representatives;
  • Instruction and legal documents to help you prosecute or defend a case;
  • A court where you can have your grievances resolved by a jury of your peers.

Our world won't change for the better unless motivated readers take action. By leveraging the experiences of our subscribers, you can avoid the subtle legal traps and blatant disregard of constitutional rights that has taken over the courts in recent decades.

Communiqué's ultimate aim is to restore integrity, accountability, and honesty in society and government, and to help secure the peace, freedoms, and prosperity that God and our Founding Fathers intended for us to keep. To this end, we encourage our readers to question everything, and to get actively involved in our work by becoming a juror and a reporter. Let your heart move your feet: Change the system.

The Organization
Communiqué is a foundation made up of people like you- men and women who care about their families and the world they are handing to their children. We derive our news content and our support from you. We aren't fed "news" by public relations firms or political spokespersons; nor are we funded by multi-billion dollar corporate marketing contracts. We exist on the efforts and donations of everyday people. You can help by becoming an active supporter of Communiqué.