IRS Agent Exposes Deception Within IRS
Former Gun-carrying IRS Agent Exposes Internal Revenue Corruption

By KT, Executive Editor
IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent Joe Banister, while employed at the IRS's branch office in San Jose, CA, had his curiosity piqued in 1996 when he heard Devvy Kidd interviewed on a local radio station. Her claims drove him to do his own off-duty investigation, which produced the following facts:

1. There is no law that requires United States citizens to file tax returns; and

2. The 16th Amendment ("the income tax amendment") was never actually ratified into law; and

3. Income tax dollars do not go to pay for the functions of the United States federal government.

Having his foundation belief system rocked by his findings, he sought answers from his superiors, hoping that they would provide comfort and substantiation for his actions as an agent. Following procedure, he wrote-up his findings in a detailed report and gave it to the legal experts within the Internal Revenue Service. Instead of answering his report in good faith with the legal citations he had hoped for, he was asked to resign.

Since that time, Mr. Banister, a former CPA, has appeared on CSPAN and has spoken nationwide in an effort to get any public official to step up to the plate and address his findings. To date, nobody has even attempted to challenge his findings. Instead, the IRS has brought lawsuits against Banister in order to silence him. Details of the IRS's corrupt maneuvers in its actions against Banister will be the subject of another Communiqué story as soon as the trial documents can be obtained.

Report of Findings (PDF)

Radio Interview (RealAudio)