Executive Orders - Law by Decree
Presidential Hoodwinking Destroying Democratic Republic

By KT, Executive Editor
During the reign of William Jefferson Clinton, the President invoked "Executive Privilege" to deny Congress access to documents used to release the Puerto Rican terrorists. In the impeachment investigation, Clinton refused to turn over documents demanded by the justice department. In the Whitewater, Travelgate, and Chinagate investigations, the Clintons also refused to turn over public documents that the People of the United States demanded. Then without a Congressional Declaration of War, President Clinton began bombing Yugoslavia. Similarly, when President George Bush began the "War on Terrorism" and sent U.S. military units to the Middle East, he did so without the required Congressional Declaration. How can a President get away with such blatant disregard for the People and for the Consitution?" Good question. Here's a brief lesson on executive orders:

America's Founding Fathers gave the President the power of Executive Order for times of national emergency to direct the actions of government employees. Contrary to popular misconception, an Executive Order does not constitute law. Only Congress can make laws. An Executive Order is, rather, a directive to government employees. Ordinary U.S. citizens cannot be held for "breaking the law" if they disobey an Executive Order. Yet, over the past 60 years, mainstream media has painted Executive Orders as law, providing fodder for many presidents to exercise this power and duping Americans into believing that such "laws" must be followed. The result, to no surprise, has been a wholesale and escalating surrender of freedoms by U.S. citizens.

Read some EO's here. If you read them carefully, will find an agenda at work that crosses party lines.

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