Special Privileges of International Organizations
One Example of What Can Be Learned by Careful Examination of the United States Codes

By KT, Executive Editor
Most United States citizens have no knowledge of the United States Code, the body of laws under which they live. Though some may notice Title 17 US Code, Sections 501 and 506 referenced in small print at the beginning of every video tape they rent or buy, few either know or care where that reference comes from or what it says. Yet it is this ignorance that allows corruption to reign in government.

If the Constitution is the bedrock of the legal system in America, the US Code is the pavement. The Code contains 50 Titles that spell-out the laws that prescribe every aspect of govenment responsibility, authority and behavior. More importantly, the Code embodies the teeth that empower every citizen to keep his constitutionally guaranteed rights. Many provisions contained in the Code, however, would cause the Founding Fathers to hurl.

One such provision is found at 22 USC 288. This section describes the special privileges that are granted to certain international organizations by the President of the United States via Executive Order. Some of these privileges include tax immunity and administrative supplies paid for by the US Treasury. 'Sound like a sweet deal so far? There's more. Click on the link below to read the US Code for yourself and see some of the organizations who have garnered this special treatment. Then do a little digging and find out who the people are that ultimately benefit from such status.

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