Let's Ask the Real Questions About Malaysian Flight 370
Why is the mainstream media avoiding the obvious?

By Kevin Smith
The author of this piece mentions the obvious, which even mainstream media is avoiding. But if his facts about the recorders are true, a secretly coordinated event among several people with the power to pull it off (a “conspiracy”) is the most logical conclusion. These flight recorder facts also provide more evidence debunking the official 9/11 story.

But I have yet to see anyone mention this fact: The spy infrastructures of nations such as U.S., U.K., China, Russia, Canada, Israel are replete with high resolution, Low Earth Orbit satellites that see and hear everything, even using infrared frequencies to see inside buildings. This high-tech spy technology has been in place for half a century and, in the U.S., is constantly upgraded. These eyes and ears in the sky are complemented by a sophisticated network of ground and high flying technology, as well as human assets. For people that have never worked for a defense or spy contractor, it takes just a little bit of research to learn that the major world powers have these infrastructures and monitor them 24x7. So the only way that no-one knows the exact location of the plane right now and how it got there is if all of these spy systems were simultaneously deactivated on the day of the disappearance. For all practical purposes, this option is nearly impossible and highly unlikely- much more unlikely than a group of powerful insiders using its collective influence to achieve a profitable end. But either way you look at it, more than one person knows the truth and is not telling it. In other words, a conspiracy is afoot.

So the real questions that, curiously, aren’t being asked are:

1. Why are we not being told the truth?

2. What is being hidden by mainstream media while this story consumes people’s attention, used as a distraction?

3. The plot had to have cost the conspirators millions of dollars up-front, then millions in ongoing payoffs to keep key people quite. This is merely an investment for the conspirators, and they wouldn’t do it unless it had very high returns. So what possible upcoming high ROI incidences could be in the works?

4. At the very least, who or what was on that plane that had enough value to someone to steal and hide it?

Those familiar with Nazi Germany at nearly the height of Hitler’s power will notice very disturbing similarities between that time and ours. In those days, the state controlled media- though not publicly acknowledged as being state controlled- did not lack stories of tragedies, murders, and missing people. However, while the reporters artfully crafted very dramatic, attention-grabbing pieces, they took care to avoid asking questions that would uncover the truth about each event. Meanwhile, the state run schools and trade unions collaborated in this effort to hide the atrocities by dumbing-down the populace, replacing critical thinking and analysis skills with propaganda acceptance programming. As a result, millions of Christians and Jews fell into ignorance and apathy as their fellow citizens were being carved-up, experimented-on, and exterminated in secluded concentration camps.

It is time to wake-up and think beyond the limited "facts" fed to us by the New World Order journalists.