Who Has the Guts to Stop Terrorism?
"Terrorism" the perfect enemy in the recipe for tyranny

By KT, Executive Editor
Coincidentally, the attack of plane-sized bullets on the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and elsewhere marks the annual observance of National 9-1-1 Day. Who is responsible? Who will be indicted? Who will take decisive action?

On February 23rd, 1993, the World Trade Center parking garage was attacked by a car bomb. President Clinton "felt" our pain and spoke strongly, saying the U.S. would avenge the attack, yet talk is cheap. His "stern action" produced just one Islamic fundamentalist who did not have the wherewithal to pull-off such a maneuver on his own. Surprisingly, Americans seemed to easily swallow the notion that this was the best the CIA, NSA, FBI, Special Forces, and hundreds of other secret intelligence organizations could do. But rather than overhaul those agencies and punish them for their competence, billions more in tax dollars were given to them. What have they done with your hard-earned money? Ironically, with this attack on the very same landmark, we have just seen how much more incompetence our money can buy. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent to fill Low Earth Orbit with every kind of spy satellite imaginable. Billions have been spent on communications systems, eavesdropping equipment, recruitment of covert operatives, and more. Many unconstitutional laws have been enacted in the name of national security. Yet America is brought to its knees by old fashioned hijacking- not sophisticated high-tech weapons, but with knives and box cutters. So if we can't rely upon government to do its job, what can we do? Here are some ideas:

1. Strictly enforce the U.S. Constitution. Our Founding Fathers lived in a time much like ours, sans the technology, countless laws, and voracious bureaucracy we have today. The "Wild West" days were filled with villains who did as they pleased, and law enforcement persons who did as little as they could. Thankfully, our founding dads saw the need for safeguards. They were wise men who were killed as they fought for our freedoms. They wisely concluded that the only way for a people to be secure was to ensure that every man and boy owned a gun and knew how and when to use it. In contrast, today most Americans don't own guns. Those that do own them keep them locked up at home out of fear that they will be arrested if found "carrying". Yet imagine what would have happened if every passenger aboard the hijacked planes was armed with a handgun. Perhaps one or two would have died while a shoot-out occurred at 25,000 feet, yet many thousands would have been saved.

2. Call into accountability the multitude of covert intelligence and security organizations that consume billions of dollars each year. Instead of rewarding incompetence, demand an accounting of every dollar. Demand results for those dollars that have already been allocated. The excuse for withholding information from citizens due to "reasons of national security" has been abused and unquestioned for far too long.

3. Determine to take personal action before you are faced with a life-threatening situation. People tend to freeze-up fear when put into unexpected situations. Those that anticipate such situations generally act according to their pre-determined plan. If you were a passenger aboard one of the planes that was hijacked, what would you have done, really? Do you have a plan, or will you freeze-up and be overcome by a couple of knife-wielding thugs?

4. Connect with your co-workers and neighbors. Perhaps, if enough people arise from slumber and form tight-knit communities, we will uncover information that the CIA is too inept to acquire.