Treason in high office

By KT, Executive Editor
Americans are told that the U.S. must continued to build-up its military arsenal because there are many enemies who could, at any time, invade the U.S. At the same time, U.S. citizens are not allowed to know where the majority of those billions of tax dollars are spent each year because the programs are labeled "top secret". Aren't programs given a "top secret" classification so that the enemies won't be able to get the information? If the weaponry is so secret that not even those meant to be defended by it can know what it is, why is this very same technology- bombs,missiles, launch codes, nuclear weapons, etc.,- being sold on a daily basis to the very enemies it was meant to defend against? In full view of many politicians in all three branches of government, extremely sensitive military secrets of the United States have been sold to her worst enemies. Read the facts in The Cox Report.


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