As Predicted: New World Order Takeover of Libya
Once Obama removed Ghadafi, it was only a matter of time

By Kevin Smith
Once again, the New World Order - operating through the long-established cartel consisting of the U.N., the Central Banks, the Rockefeller oil dynasty, and the Council on Foreign Relations - is taking total control of another sovereign nation. After allowing sufficient time for unrest to brew following the military coup sponsored by its agents in the U.S. government (Obama, Clinton, Boehner, et al.), the cartel is stepping-in to "solve" the problems it created.

Mattia Toaldo, the European CFR spokesperson said, "The immediate challenge is to end the cash crisis." We know from its long history of usurpations what this means: Massive inflation. Now that the Libyan dinar is no longer anchored to a hard asset, such as gold, the Central Bank can print money at will, which will generate billions in annual profits for the bankers/NWO. As we've seen in every other country that has a Central Bank, this printing of money out of thin air will bring a short-term perception of prosperity, but long-term devastation, as the bankers furtively steal the wealth of every Libyan citizen and saddle the nation with unrepayable debt.

Watch, in the next few years, how this cartel "helps" the Libyan economy. The initial news propaganda will ring of prosperity as the Dinar is loaned into the economy by Libya's Central Bank via the Government of National Accord. But since the spending of such debt money creates more debt and devalues the currency previously in circulation, prices will skyrocket and Libyans will be driven into poverty. Once the majority has reached its limit of financial desperation, it will fully surrender its morals, ambitions, and remaining freedoms to the GNA in exchange for more of its progressive "economic security measures", which will include "free" government services, allegedly funded by the necessary imposition of even higher taxes. These measures will be sold as solutions to the devastation, but will actually be additional shackles upon the slaves who were once free citizens. Such is the fundamental takeover formula utilized by the International Bankers-cum-NWO for centuries.