What You Don't Know About the California Motor Vehicle Code
A Quick Look at the CA Dept. of Motor Vehicles Web Site and California Motor Vehicle Code, 1997

By KT, Executive Editor
In 1996, I received a traffic ticket, alleging that I was "doing 41 in a 25". Motivated more by the desire to learn about the system than to fight the ticket, I chose to contest the citation. In the process, I discovered the following:

1. The California Vehicle Code (VC), as enforced in California, is unconstitutional. Traffic offenses, as explicitely stated by the judge and recorded in the transcripts, are neither civil nor criminal, as required by the state and federal constitutions. They are, instead, "quasi-criminal";

2. As can be confirmed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles Web site, the only people required to have driver's licenses are those who operate vehicles for commercial (for-hire) purposes;

3. The purported intent of the VC is to insure safety and regulate commerce, yet the actual purpose is the production of revenues;

4. Extensive research has been performed by Thomas Marvin Maxwell and published in the work, The Truth About The California Vehicle Code. This 182 page report shows that the California Vehicle Code (VC) was never enacted by the legislature and is therefore not law.

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