Project Management

Telecommunications technologies are becoming more and more challenging to understand and piece together. Even full-time IT managers struggle to integrate software, hardware, and service offerings into a platform that delivers the desired results. A visionary technical partner who can manage various stages of these projects is often needed. That’s where TeleSource excels. Unlike most telecommunications consulting firms, TeleSource has the engineering experience needed to approach your project from a design-side point of view. This means that we don’t adopt the common approach of throwing money and technology at a job. Instead, we find ways to leverage resources to deliver the best solution your money can buy.

Needs Analysis
Before scheduling the first phase of your project, the practical aspects of its undertaking must be analyzed. Where are the choke holds in your business? Are they the result of outdated technology, processes, or contracts? Can your objectives be achieved by a less costly means? What are the odds that the ends will be accomplished within the assumed costs and time frames? We sit down with the primary stakeholders involved and collect detailed information. We then assess the feasibility of your project to ensure that we see a compelling business case for the endeavor.

Planning Once the project is approved, TeleSource creates the plan to guide the team and keep them on time and on budget. This plan sets expectations and becomes the road map for obtaining resources, estimating budgets, and procuring required materials. It also defines the processes and documentation to guide the team toward minimizing risk, standardizing communications, managing suppliers, producing quality results, and meeting time and budget goals.

Execution is all about delivering results that satisfy your desired objectives. TeleSource achieves success by vigilent management of resources and timelines. By solving problems before they spin out of control, we keep stakeholders focused on their assigned tasks. Through timely communications, and application of expertise and resources, we endeavor to avoid the scope creep that is the bane of all projects.

Upon completion of your project, we sit down with you and compare the objectives with the results. This post-mortem evaluation allows you and TeleSource to document the project and make any adjustments necessary for integration with, and continued success of, future projects.