Telesource Equipment Exchange

Rapid growth of businesses and technology has created the need for a means to buy and sell used equipment quickly. Our registration system meets that need. Moreover, our established list of contacts and clients are always either expanding or downsizing. This fact affords us the edge in acquiring or selling equipment for you because:

  • We can make an offer before the equipment is put on the market
  • We can negotiate with vendors for volume discounts when two or more registrants in our database need equipment concurrently.

When you register your need with us, you are put into the buy/sell/trade database. As clients approach critical mass in either direction, or as equipment becomes registered, we will inform each party of the opportunity at hand- thereby giving both buyer and seller the chance to transfer ownership of equipment at a price $10K+ less than can be obtained from a vendor, or in an open-market sale. This puts extra cash in the seller’s pocket, and saves the buyer tremendously.

If you are considering the sale or purchase of a phone system, networking or other telecom equipment, check around and call us last. It is likely that we can get you a buyer for your system or help you acquire a good used one at a significant price advantage. We are currently moving the following models directly from clients, or from our inventory.

All registered clients are welcomed to buy or sell equipment via our high-traffic Web site. You may either sell it to TeleSource directly, list it here, auction it (coming soon), or post a banner ad or link to your site. For all listings, TeleSource takes a 5% broker’s fee. All equipment refurbished by TeleSource carries a 12-month warrantee. To put the buy or sell process in motion, click here to register your company and your equipment need for free, then send us an itemized parts list in Excel format.


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